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Welcome to our New Fan Mail Area

Mike We Love You!

Hi Mike, I'm writing you because I have been a fan of yours from the very start of your career. I continue to be a fan of you today. You are the most talented, hardest puncher the world of boxing has ever seen. You have knocked out men quicker than any boxer has in history. Me and my brother both absolutely love you dude.

I read the article in USATODAY on you and it really upset me that you do not consider yourself a success. Mike, you should hold your head up high! You changed the world of boxing! I totally understand why you did some of the things you did (Evander H.). He's an **** and deserved it. I would have bit off the bastards nose too.

At any rate, I just want you to know that you still have a lot of fans Mike. I have all your figts on tape and will never get rid of them.

Take care Mike...I'll be looking forward to your next fight.

Peace! Russ - Pennsylvania USA


I just finished reading an article on you and was complled to send this e-mail. You have come an awful long way but seem to have an understanding of how and why some of the things that happened in your Life-time did. But somewhere along the line you forgot one of the two most important values that we all must have and share in this life. 1st our belief in God, and second our belief in ourselves. You are one of the GREATEST PRIZE FIGHTER ever to live. You accomplished this feat for those around and have seem to lost that desire to get it done for you. You are NO different from anyone of use here on this earth today. We all have had test, You Will be Champ Again!!!

Minister Robin - California USA


I just read your article in USA today. I understand your comments about your life. I am a born again christian. One who Jesus Christ has changed my life. I am not a fanatic. I am just a 61 year old businessman who knows what Christ can do for a life. He can take care of every problem you mentioned that is going on in your life. I would love to talk to you. Please give me a chance. I am praying you will win your June 11 fight and that it will be done with dignity. I do not see you as a looser. I am married have 2 children and 2 grandchildren. I write this because the Lord told me to.
Thank you

Herb - Alabama USA

Mr. Mike today I was reading an article about you in the website, it really make happy, that you are finding who really is Michael,as a person nobody can judge you, only God. He loves you. My life was dark for many years, until I found The Light, Jesus Christ. God Bless you and your dear family.

Felix - California USA


I read the article in usatoday on your confusion. None of us are perfect, we are all flawed. You started in a bad place in a fallen world, I'm grateful that with Christ (John 3:16), you have hope to throw all that away and live a great/good life and have eternity. I'll pray for you and have asked others to do so also that you have a full life for God. As bad as it is, there is always someone else worse off. I'm not a pastor, just a person as you are.

Keith - Ohio USA


Big fan Mike. Looking forward to seeing you in the ring again.

Bob - Conneticut USA


Dear Mike, I read your story (USA Today) and I just wanted to compliment your honesty and bravery. In my humble opinion a person cannot be great unless they have experienced some major hurdles in life. You have achieved worldly greatness now you will be able to achieve even more personal greatness because you have seen that the world has very little to offer that really matters...I am a teacher and it breaks my heart to see children go through what you went through...I wish I could take them home and give them a new life...please, invest yourself first, in your own children and then in the lives of others...you will receive much more than you give when you help kids...& they already think you're awesome! Best Wishes in ALL you do, Debby

Debby - Florida USA


Hello mike tyson, I don't know if you gonna get this. but i'am a big fan of you and i'm also going become a boxer i train hard to become so good as you, my first fight is in september i hope i win with ko. but in my country is boxing not so a great sport here in europe is it always soccer... But still i hope i can be so good as you and reach to the top of the world and make boxing a great sport in my country. Mike tyson i'm 19 years old and sorry that my english isn't so good but i do my best to write you a email. bye bye and you gonna win!!!!!!
Because you are the greatest i hope that i become so...

Glenn - Belguim


Just wanted to wish you good luck in your next fight and to tell you not to give up. Set your sights straight ahead and stay focused. I don't know if you're really going to get this but I'm going to tell you about myself. I'm a husband, father and a warrior. I served in Iraq for a year returning in Jan of 2005. I was awarded the Bronze Star and all my men came back safe. We kept pushing and pushing forward never settling for anything less than perfection. I have all the confidence in you that you'll do the same. You have a gift that I wish that I had so maintain the high level that you're capable of. So from one warrior to another, "Drive On" and overcome.

Tom - MS


I watched his fight on pay per view and I was hurt to see mike end his career but the man has to do whats best for his family. This is to Mike: Listen you are right when you say people do not understand you. The reason is because they havent lived the life on the streets like you. I watched your fights and boy you are one hell of a boxer. Yes Im sure people are going to be upset or whatever let them. they are not dealing with what you are going through. I think people forget that you to have feelings and how much it really hurts. I was not upset when you said you dont want to fight any more. I dont blame you. What people dont understand is that people change. You did whats best for you and I do not look at you any differently for that choice. Cause you will be one of the greatest in my book. Im a 21 year old white boy that moved down to NC from NY. I know how it feels to be hard up. If people just took a second out and relized what its really like and saw the whole picture then they can start to understand. To end this note which I dont know if you will ever recieve this, I have to say you have not dissapointed me and stay strong. I enjoyed your fights and your style and you will always be looked at in my eyes as a true champion. Someone who rised up from the streets and became the greatest and you will be talked about for many many years to come. I wish you well.

Neil - North Carolina


I'm 21 and im a huge fan of yours Mr. Tyson, Ive seen most of your fights mostly all the. Anyways Iwould like to say that what you did tonight took a lot of courage to say the things you said. I would just like to say thank you for being a fighter ive always looked up to you. I have lived my whole life in a trailer park. and itsnot bad or ghetto but its a trailer park so i kinda connected with your struggle and admired you for being able to prevail. anyways I'm babaling on I would like to say thank you for everything.

Yuniesquy - Florida



I would love nothing more than to see you fulfill your dreams outside of boxing. Now that your boxing career is over, you have a wide open future to make such a positive impact in many ways. I hope you look forward to the new things in your life with great excitement. Best wishes to you in the future. I know it is about a million to one chance that i would ever have an opportunity to meet you, but I would love a chance to meet you and shake your hand and personnaly wish you the best of luck. There is only one person in the world that I would truly like to meet and that's you. God bless Mike!

Joe - Texas


Mike I just wanna say that I wish you the best of luck on what ever you do even if it is boxing and you will always be my faverite boxer and you will have my support and I belive that you would make a damn good trainer and I hope to be a boxer just like you when I grow up the best damn trashtalker and asskicker.

Ridge - Florida

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